225+ Inspiring Ideas for Homesteading Christmas Gifts


Brown Gift Package wrapped in brown paper tied with twin and decorated with a sprig of herbs.

Are you looking for inspiration for homesteading Christmas gifts? I could be easy to get stuck. On one hand, it might be really easy to find something because there are a ton of interests most homesteaders have in common.

On the other hand, it could be a real challenge. Most homesteaders value minimalism and frugality and reject a consumerist lifestyle. So you might wonder if they even want a gift at all!

Your best bet will always be to go practical. Try and find something for them that is either consumable (something they can use up) or that they can put to hard work on their homestead.

For even more ideas, check out my article on consumable gift ideas!

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Items for a From-Scratch Kitchen

Many homesteaders started their homesteading journey due to health concerns. They may have decided to grow their own food so they could ensure it was raised organically and naturally.

Any homesteader who raises their own food will also want to learn to preserve and cook it well. These are all items that can be put to good work in a from-scratch kitchen.

Canning and Preserving

Home canned mason jars full of green beans, pickles, cucumbers, and other green vegetables on a white tabletop
  1. Beginner’s Canning Kit
  2. Premium Canning Kit – this kit is a little more expensive, but it’s likely to be more durable.
  3. Water Bath Canner – in the unlikely event your beloved homesteader does not already have one, this will be essential for learning basic canning skills.
  4. Pressure Canner – for all those foods with lower acidity that require pressure canning for safety, a pressure canner is essential.
  5. Mason Jars – no one who cans will be sorry to have more jars on hand!
  6. Harvest Guard Reusable Canning Lids – these may be a little pricey, but they’re a great investment because they can be used over and over again. That will save money over time. It’s also a great way to reduce waste!
  7. Canning Labels – These labels dissolve when you wash the jar, so each time you re-use a jar you can preserve a different food.
  8. Tomato Press
  9. Maslin Jam Pan
  10. Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving
  11. Small-Batch Preserving by Stephanie Thurow
  12. The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest by Ann Accetta-Scott
  13. Food dehydrator – another great way to preserve food.
  14. Mandolin Slicer – this is an indispensable tool for anyone who regularly dehydrates food.
  15. Complete Dehydrator Cookbook
  16. Food Saver Vacuum Sealer – a vacuum sealer can help things keep longer in the freezer or refrigerator.

Fermentation Gifts

Canning and dehydration are not the only ways to preserve food. Fermentation can also provide a way to experiment with other flavors in food you already enjoy. Here are some ideas for good gifts for those who want to start fermenting.

  1. Mason Tops Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit
  2. Large Glass Fermentation Weights
  3. Fermentation Crock
  4. Kombucha Starter Kit
  5. Organic Kombucha Scoby
  6. Swing Top Glass Bottles – these are great for kombucha or kefir, but they also work well for homemade vanilla extract – or even home brewed beer.
  7. Beermaking Kit
  8. The Big Book of Kombucha by Hannah Crum
  9. Fermented Vegetables Book by Christopher Shockey and Kirsten K. Shockey – this is a great resource for fermented vegetable recipes.

From Scratch Cookbooks

Cast iron skillet full of a blueberry crumble dessert sitting on top of a blue kitchen towel and a wooden cutting board. Basket of fresh blueberries and pieces of silverware lying on wooden tabletop. in the background.

These cookbooks contain so many recipes for wholesome, fresh foods that any homesteader would appreciate.

  1. The Prairie Homestead Cookbook by Jill Winger
  2. Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon
  3. The Nourished Kitchen by Jennifer McGruther
  4. The Four Season Farm Gardener’s Cookbook by Barbara Damrosch and Eliot Coleman 


  1. Beginner’s Cheesemaking Kit – if your homesteader friend hasn’t already tried cheesemaking, this could be a great way to help them get started.
  2. Cheese cloth – this is great not only for cheese, but also for homemade butter and yogurt.
  3. Long handled thermometer
  4. Cheese Ladle
  5. Curd Knife – if you can’t find a curd knife specifically for cheesemaking, a long icing spatula will work well.
  6. Stainless Steel Cheese Press
  7. Custom Cheese Board and Knives
  8. 200 Easy Homemade Cheese Recipes by Debra Amrein-Boyes
  9. Kitchen Creamery by Louella Hill and Erin Kunkel

Appliances and Tools

Wooden tray, cutting board, basket of wooden kitchen utensils, and glass handled jar full of more wooden cooking utensils on a wooden tabletop leaning against a black stone background.
  1. Dutch Oven – you could go with either enameled or raw cast iron. If your friend enjoys making a lot of soups in their dutch oven, enameled may be the way to go. Dutch ovens are also great for bread baking!
  2. Specialty Cast Iron – your homesteading friend likely already has cast iron skillets and maybe even a Dutch Oven – but they may not have a tortilla press, biscuit pan, or waffle maker! Yet another great thing about cast iron is that it can be used to cook over a fire for off-grid living.
  3. Instant Pot – an Instant Pot is great in any kitchen, but it can make things like bone broth and yogurt making a lot quicker and easier!
  4. Kitchen Compost Bin – this one is not only cute on the counter, but it has a charcoal filter to keep the smells in and the flies out.
  5. Wooden Spoons Set
  6. Wood Wax – this is important in the care of wooden kitchen utensils like wooden spoons and cutting boards. It can also be used on furniture!
  7. Berkey Water Filter – this one is pricey, but most homesteaders place a high value on non-toxic living. This water filter system is a great way to filter out all the extra chemicals, viruses, and bacteria for pure drinking water.
  8. KitchenAid Mixer – this is another pricey one, but it can be used for baking, butter and whipped cream making, and with attachments can even grind meat or grain.
  9. Manual Butter Churner
  10. Copper Cannisters
  11. Clay Stew Pot
  12. Stainless Steel Food Mill – manual mill, great for making applesauce and tomato sauce from scratch.
  13. French Press – No electricity necessary, so a great option for off-grid living.
  14. Ice Cream Maker – especially if your homesteader friend has dairy animals, this is a great treat for making homemade ice cream. If you want to go really old school, try this old-fashioned crank one!
  15. Crock Pot
  16. Glass Storage Containers

Home Butchers

  1. Meat Grinder
  2. Leather Butcher’s Apron
  3. Professional Grade Meat Saw
  4. Field Dressing Knife Kit
  5. Chicken Butchering Kit
  6. Meat Slicer – this is a great way to have your own deli meat from your own livestock.
  7. Whetstone Sharpening Kit
  8. Wooden Cutting Board
  9. Nice Knife Set
  10. Hanging Scale
  11. Butchering Beef by Adam Danforth
  12. Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat, and Pork by Adam Danforth
  13. Butchering Chickens by Adam Danforth


A pair of hands kneading a ball of dough on a floured surface

Most homesteaders are also home bakers. For even more inspiration check out my article on Gifts for Bread Bakers.

  1. Sourdough Starter Jar
  2. Hand Carved Rolling Pins
  3. Bread Box – this is the perfect bread box if your homesteader friend loves to make beautiful artisan loaves. The glass doors allow the bread to be on display while being kept fresh.
  4. Danish Dough Whisk
  5. Beeswax Bread Wraps – these are a great reusable alternative to plastic food wraps and bags. This set comes with a produce bag as well.
  6. Wooden Measuring Cups and Spoons
  7. Lightweight Apron
  8. Bread Cloche – helps get that hard crust on artisan breads.
  9. Bread Machine
  10. Grain Mill
  11. Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish

Additional Books and Resources

A brown gingham blanket lying on the grass with a straw hat and two books, one lying open with a pair of glasses on top.

What homesteader doesn’t love to learn? Here are some ideas for reading material and resources they might appreciate.

  1. Homestead Farm Management Planner
  2. 40 Projects for Building Your Backyard Homestead by David Toht – for the aspiring DIY-er
  3. Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills by Abigail Gehring
  4. Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs
  5. Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre by Brett L. Markham
  6. Homestead Journal – an undated planner by Martha Mackintosh
  7. Country Wisdom & Know-How – “Everything you need to know to live off the land.”
  8. The Homesteader’s Herbal Companion by Amy K. Fewell
  9. The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery
  10. Homegrown & Handmade by Deborah Niemann

Livestock Accessories

Animal Care

Brown rooster followed by two black and white chickens in a grassy pasture
  1. Milking Pail
  2. Milk Jugs
  3. Incubator
  4. Nesting Herbs
  5. Automatic Coop Door
  6. Chick Starter Home
  7. Egg Stamps – keep track of how fresh your eggs are with a stamp
  8. Egg Carton Stamps – this works well if you plan to sell your fresh eggs
  9. Automatic Chicken Waterer
  10. Egg Gathering Apron
  11. Antique Wire Egg Basket – looks pretty on the kitchen counter too. 🙂
  12. Amish Made Beehive
  13. Beekeeper’s Kit
  14. Stock Tank De-Icer
  15. Fence Tester


  1. The Beekeeper’s Bible by Richard A. Jones and Sharon Sweeney-Lynch
  2. The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals by Gail Damerow
  3. The Homesteader’s Natural Chicken Keeping Handbook by Amy K. Fewell
  4. Merck Veterinary Manual

Personal Care Gifts

Wooden bowl full of bars of homemade soap in blue, green, tan, and speckled.

Homesteaders work hard with their hands and often get them dirty working outside. But – they are likely also picky about what goes into the products they use. It’s a good idea to stick to all natural ingredients when shopping for personal care products!

  1. Goat’s Milk Soap
  2. Skin Salve for dry or cracked hands
  3. Foot Spa – homesteaders are on their feet a lot.
  4. Organic Bath Bombs
  5. Essential Oils


  1. Cold Process Soap Making Kit
  2. Handheld Sewing Machine
  3. Embroidery Starter Kit
  4. Fancy Yarn
  5. Basket Weaving Kit
  6. Macrame Kit for Plant Hangers
  7. Beeswax Candle Making Kit
  8. Treadle Sewing Machine – this sewing machine can be used with no electrical power, so it’s perfect if you know a homesteader who is trying to go off grid. Be aware, however, that a treadle sewing table is necessary to operate a machine like this!
  9. Spinning Wheel – if your favorite homesteader has been wanting to take up spinning, this is a wonderful gift idea. It could be nice to pair it with a book on how to spin.
  10. Drop Spindle and Roving Bundle
  11. Wood Carving Starter Kit
  12. Basic Sewing Kit
  13. Simple Natural Soapmaking by Jan Berry

Little Homesteaders

Small chubby toddler hand in a blue sleeve reaching out to pick ripe blueberries

Here are some good ideas geared for the little homesteader in your life.

  1. Carhartt Overalls
  2. Butterfly Garden
  3. Root-Vue Farm
  4. Gardening Tool Set – make sure they’re real tools so they can really help in the garden.
  5. Rain Boots
  6. Little Apron
  7. Swiss Army Pocketknife
  8. Little Work Gloves
  9. Tool Set and Tote – make sure these tools really work – kids can do a lot more than we give them credit for!
  10. Little wheelbarrow
  11. Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit
  12. Flower Press Kit
  13. A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens by Melissa Caughey


Large garden with multiple raised beds and fruit trees

Tools & Plants

  1. Fruit or Nut Trees – you could either get them a potted tree if they don’t have as much space, or a tree starter for their farm.
  2. Survival Essentials Heirloom Seeds
  3. Bird House
  4. Tumbling Composter
  5. Vermicompost Kit
  6. Garden Tower – This is the perfect way to take advantage of vertical space, and is especially handy for apartment or suburban homesteaders with less land.
  7. Seed Storage Box Organizer – avid gardeners deal with a lot of seeds, and this is a pretty way to keep them together and organized.
  8. Gardening Tools Set
  9. Herb Plants
  10. Grow Bags – a space saving, breathable alternative to plant pots.
  11. Seed Starter Kit
  12. Roo Gardening Apron
  13. Irrigation System
  14. Garden Hod Harvest Basket – this basket is heavy duty, has a large capacity, and it allows you to wash off your harvest while it’s still in the basket.
  15. Bee House for Garden
  16. Seed Sprout Tray
  17. Wheel Hoe
  18. Forged Garden Tools
  19. Fruit Picker
  20. Natural Pest Control – homesteaders usually like to avoid the use of chemicals in their gardens, so natural pest control options are a must!
  21. Wind Chime
  22. Bamboo Plant Markers
  23. Garden Cart
  24. Garden Knife
  25. Garden Kneeler and Seat
  26. Garden Scissors
  27. Potting Bench
  28. Raised Beds
  29. Hose Reel Cart
  30. Solar Lights
  31. Greenhouse Kit
  32. Compost Barrel
  33. Cold Frame


  1. Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners by Tammy Wylie
  2. Great Garden Companions by Sally Jean Cunningham
  3. The First-Time Gardener: Growing Vegetables by Jessica Sowards
  4. Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture by Toby Hemenway
  5. JADAM Organic Farming by Youngsang Cho
  6. The Family Garden Plan by Melissa K. Norris

Self Sufficiency

A cast iron pot hanging over a fire with a ladle hanging on the end of the pole. There's a lake and a mountain in the background.
  1. Rain Collection System
  2. Solar Panels
  3. Kindling Splitter
  4. Oil Lamps – think about getting some oil to go with it.
  5. Wood Stove Fan – Many homesteaders trying to live off the grid are trying to heat their homes with wood, and this fan can help to distribute the heat through the space.
  6. Firewood Rack
  7. Firewood Tote – make it a little easier to carry wood to the house!
  8. Personal Hot Water Bottle
  9. Hand Crank Clothes Wringer
  10. Leatherman MultiTool


  1. Wool Socks
  2. Overalls
  3. Carhartt Jacket
  4. Work Gloves
  5. Muck Boots
  6. Boot scraper
  7. Adult Sun Hat
  8. Home Sweet Homestead T-shirt
  9. Chicken Socks


Red barn with white fence surrounding two large pasture spaces.
  1. Homesteaders of America Membership
  2. Pioneering Today Magazine Subscription
  3. GrowVeg Membership
  4. HerbMentor Course
  5. Subscription to Smartsteader App
  6. Homestead Gift Box
  7. Reusable Farmers Market Shopping Bags
  8. Campark Trail Camera – great for keeping an eye on livestock!
  9. Herb Drying Rack
  10. Cast Iron Dinner Bell – to call everyone inside for dinner!
  11. Personalized Homestead Sign
  12. Farmhouse Toss Pillows
  13. Needlework Wall Art
  14. Homestead Mug
  15. Mason Jar Lids – This collection of different lid attachments for Mason jars will help you find lots of new uses for the jars you have on hand.

I hope you were able to find some inspiration here as you begin to shop for this holiday season. If you think of any other great gift ideas, please leave a note in the comments. Merry Christmas!

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